Google is improving the ability for ISVs and SaaS companies to use the often easier “Sign in with Google” method of authenticating users to your app. Instead of your customer having to type in their Google username and password over and over again within an embedded form, the request will now open a new browser window which is likely already logged into Google.

This will enable a single login per device rather than each app that uses Google Authentication requiring a separate login.

As a SaaS company, this makes signing into your app easier and you’ll want to make sure you and your users are aware and using the updated flow by April 20, 2017.

You can see more on Google’s dev blogĀ here.

“Sign in with Google” is a popular way of logging into as well as many ecosystem apps. Managing change for connected apps can be challenging – especially if you are under several tight deadlines. If you are looking for some experienced help to compliment or backup your team, we are here to serve.