A benefit to using the Salesforce platform is how it can enable multiple aspects of your product business. This question relates to using the Salesforce Community Cloud as a way to onboard and support your subscriber customers in a tailored way. This becomes vitally important when you have a comprehensive app that requires data migration or post-install configuration.

As of the time of this writing, Salesforce inherits the branding for the Napili template login page from the Salesforce +Visualforce template. It means when you choose Napili, you have lost the opportunity to control the background and related visual detail for your branded login, forgot password page, etc.

Directions below may cause you to lose configuration if not done at the beginning.

To resolve, you can switch the template to the Salesforce + Visualforce for the specific community, apply the branding and then switch it back to Napili template. In this process, we had to recreate a couple pages for the three tabs we were using though it did not take much time to do so. It would be best to make the above change prior to creating the unique pages for your community.

If you’d like help streamlining how you onboard and support