Whether a developer possesses a specific personality type, experience level, or background, they should always demonstrate these three things well:

  1. Be opinionated -A prospective developer have strong opinions about how to do things which demonstrates their experience with successful outcomes and a commitment to internalizing the success of the product. This includes technology platforms, IDEs, programming languages — even action figures around the office. If they feel it would increase the innovation, creativity, and success of your product you want them to mention it.
  2. Be detail oriented -A prospective developer should be eager to dive into the nuts and bolts around the process, platform, and product with an understanding that this is where success or failure is made. Glossing over key aspects or making assumptions about what’s possible or simple can be very expensive in time, money, and morale.
  3. Be coachable – What one may know today has a shelf life in our rapidly changing marketplace. A prospective developer should be very resourceful beyond having existing resources and be ready to get feedback from anyone – including non-technical team members who hear directly from customers.

We know good developers, architects, and product owners can be hard to come by or evaluate. We’re here to help you move forward with your product and support your recruiting efforts when the time is right. Reach out to learn more.