Salesforce DX is a new developer experience focused on the tools that dev teams have come to rely on. The benefit is your dev team can incorporate Salesforce into your normal DevOps stream in a deeper and more consistent way in the future with these innovations.

This includes things like:

  • Continuous integration with tools like CircleCI, Jenkins, Heroku Pipelines
  • Source driven rather than Dev Org driven development
  • API rather than UI focused process
  • Robust command line interface (CLI) much like svn, git, heroku, node processes
  • Scratch orgs rather than dev orgs for faster and more customized testing
    • These can be configured to have various user, package, feature, and permission set licenses pre-set
  • Reimagined “Packaging 2” model with more flexibility, fewer manageability limitations, and increased go-to-market options for feature delivery and pilots


App Cloud for Developers – Salesforce DX